Welcome to enjoy a long dinner or a few drinks at our beautiful Wuorio’s building milieu

W30 is a flavour journey to French – Scandinavian cuisine. The restaurants menu is built from seasonal fresh ingridients and different techniques to maximize the culinary experience.

Restaurateur Kristian Vuojärvi:

” At our restaurant you can taste classic flavours and French culinary art. This means that the food will be prepaired with different techniques and the courses are assembled with carefully considered elements combining classic taste in a new fresh way.”

Executive chef Simo Pietarinen:

”We use our both strenghts in different cuisine and we combine them for an unforgettable dinner experience whether the guest is having a short menu or the chefs recommended menu experience.”





Unioninkatu 30

00100 Helsinki


Phone: 0503548855


Opening hours


Mon – Fri 11.30-13.30


Wed – Fri 16.00 till late 

Sat 13.00 till late 

Sun closed


Send us a message and we will get back to you!

We are part of KV Restaurants Oy:tä. Check more of our restaurants: https://www.kvrestaurants.fi/

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